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A Vacation Highway: The Digital Vacation Rental Network

The ease of reading magazines online has encouraged more web users than ever to switch to the digital versions of their favorite publications. With annoyingly long load times and pesky plug-ins now a relic of the past, people can visit a website, click on an icon and begin reading.

Media Services, Inc., creator of The Digital Vacation Rental Network, is an innovator in the world of digitalpublishing websites.

“We started four years ago with and have continued going green since then,” said Media Services Publisher Bill Macchio. “Now, through our many vacation networks, such as, we are able to provide people with information on all of the popular vacation sites along the entire Carolina coast.”

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Each site that is part of The Digital Vacation Rental Network, which includes and, provides detailed information on vacation rental opportunities, businesses, shopping, dining, entertainment and nearby medical facilities – and much more.

“How awesome is it that our readers can access so much information?” asked Macchio. “It’s great to give our readers this format and to allow our advertisers to save money in printing and distribution.”

Adrian Dorman, advertising director for Garden City Realty in Garden City, South Carolina, learned firsthand the value of the Internet.

“We never even send postcards or direct mail anymore, and, as for our rental guide, we are printing fewer and fewer of them every year. We constantly hear people say they simply use the Internet to browse and to book properties.”

The Digital Vacation Rental Network is simply a vacation highway, a source of a vast amount of information on getting away from it all in the Carolinas – and also a source of fun and entertainment. Is there a better way to learn as much as possible about your potential beach rental or a golf course you’ve heard about than watching videos about them?

Dorman, who remembers what it was like to work with vacation rentals before the digital age, views digital publishing as a useful and convenient tool.

“Everything is online these days, The Digital Vacation Rental Network and access is amazingly fast. We are constantly updating the website with the newest and latest information. Print has fallen off dramatically,” she commented.

“Working with The Digital Vacation Network and Media Services, Inc. is easy,” she added. “They do a good job of getting my new brochure or changes on the site in a timely manner.”

Advertisers also appreciate the network, which offers distribution across state lines and even beyond international borders. And they can find out exactly what their potential customers are reading. “This is an extremely proactive method of enhancing your product,” Macchio explained. “Each advertiser will receive an analysis so they will know how many readers viewed their advertisement.”

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“We have great success with our other digital distribution channels like, where our readers can access editions of Carolina Homes & Interiors, Hot Retirement Towns or any of our other publications,” Macchio said. “Some companies within The Digital Vacation Rental Network have gone totally digital for more savings and online exposure.”

If you want to learn more about how e-publishing can extend your audience and reduce the cost of printing and distribution, call The Digital Vacation Rental Network at (800) 433-7396, ext. 21, or e-mail

By Stacy E. Domingo